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Making My Own Journal

Posted on Jul 21, 2014 by in blog | 0 comments

As a part of my effort to cultivate my creativity, I have taken the initiative to make a journal book, where I can put my thoughts, sketch, or draw everything that cross into my mind or inspire me from what I see in daily life.


The idea to make my own journal book was inspired by a beautiful notebook that I saw when I was window-shopping in Grand Indonesia. The notebooks sold in that store are designed by vitarlenology. When I saw the label of the notebook, I realized that the designer of the notebook is an old acquaintance of mine. The notebook was almost perfect for me. I love the cover, the paper. I love everything about it except for the size. I was looking for an A4 sized notebook. But they don’t have it in the store. So I bought the small notebook anyway, cause I like it very much. And then I went home and start thinking: Hmmmm….. why not make one for myself?


So this is my first hand-made journal. I made the cover with cotton materials. I shaped my names with flanel materials and stich it to the cover. Do not ask me about the method of book-binding, coz I have no idea!






Sneak peek of first page:




I am so proud of myself for facing the first – blank – page jitter. Often, I want everything to be perfect that it ended up left as a blank page. I have a notebook, with nothing inside. Blank.


I think this has to also relate with the fear of failure. I was so afraid that I will not draw the right thing, or my drawing will be so bad, that I finally did not draw anything. And now I realize, empty or blank pages will get me nowhere. Better fill it with something, be it good or bad, but then I know what went wrong with it and do it better in the future.


Are you going to make yours too?





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